Monday, December 22, 2008

The fight goes on

by Stephen Knight, Political Director

Originally posted on November 5, 2008

Because Cargill’s developer DMB spent nearly $2 million in just three months (or more than $150 for every vote in their favor) in a community of 75,000 residents, we are disappointed, but not surprised that Redwood City’s Measure W did not pass yesterday.

Measure W is the Charter Amendment that would have guaranteed Redwood City voters the final say on any development of open space in the city – including Cargill’s 1,433 acres of retired salt ponds.

In dozens of mailers and ads, the developers’ campaign confused and misled voters about supposed impacts on individual homeowners and painted Save The Bay as "Oakland-based outsiders," never mentioning our name! This is interesting coming from an Arizona-based luxury housing developer representing Minnesota-based Cargill.

Because the vote against W rests on that foundation, it does not reflect support for Cargill’s massive and controversial development. Even many opponents of Measure W publicly stated they are opposed to development on these salt ponds.

Cargill faces many more hurdles to development on this site. Save The Bay has protected and restored the Bay since 1961, and we will continue to fight against any development on Cargill’s salt ponds on the Redwood City shoreline. These ponds were once thriving wetlands and they can be again. The fight goes on.

To learn more, get involved and/or tell Cargill not to pave our Bay, go to

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