Thursday, May 14, 2009

DMB plan should be DOA

by Stephen Knight, Political Director

Yesterday, DMB Associates unveiled their massive development plan for the Cargill site in Redwood City.

As our Executive Director David Lewis says in this San Jose Mercury News article, this project "should be dead on arrival."

Save The Bay opposes Cargill and DMB’s Bay salt pond development project in Redwood City. We therefore urge Redwood City, state and federal agencies to reject the project and promote full restoration and protection of habitat and open space on the site.

The project would destroy Bay shoreline open space that should be restored. It would put new development in the path of flood waters and rising sea level.

This site is not infill and it is not the place for housing and commercial development. Redwood City should continue its smart growth redevelopment downtown. These salt ponds should be permanently protected for restoration that benefits people and wildlife.

Once again, it is up to residents to make their voices heard and stop this destructive project.

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