Friday, July 24, 2009

The Chron calls out Cargill

by Amy Alton, Communications and Policy Associate

Today the San Francisco Chronicle ran a feature editorial, "Bay at risk," which calls out Cargill’s proposed development in Redwood City as one of the major threats to the health of the San Francisco Bay. Other dangers to “the lifeblood of our region” include trash, chemical pollution, climate change and regulatory oversight, as the state budget woes threaten the existence of the Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

As the Bay’s leading champion since 1961, Save The Bay wages effective advocacy and education campaigns to diminish these threats. We are working diligently to:

  • Stop Cargill’s unwise development in the Bay;

  • Reduce Bay pollution through public education and urging local governments to enact strong pollution prevention policies, and requiring stricter regulation of trash in the upcoming municipal stormwater permit;

  • Re-establish 100,000 acres of wetlands around the Bay for a sustainable ecosystem and to provide natural flood control to protect Bay Area communities from the impacts of sea-level rise, and;

  • Advocate at the state level to save BCDC, the agency that regulates Bay shoreline development.

    However, we cannot do it alone. As underscored by the Chronicle, “The Bay needs the local community more than ever."

    Please join us today in protecting and restoring San Francisco Bay by becoming a member, taking action to protect the Bay, and helping us restore critical wetlands around the shoreline.

    Our quality of life and economy depend on this great natural treasure. And the Bay needs all of us working together to save it.

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