Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Friday's Oil Spill Fouls Bay

By Amy Ricard, Communications and Policy Associate

Nearly two years to the day after the Cosco Busan oil spill devastated shorelines and killed countless birds and wildlife, San Francisco Bay has again fallen victim to a damaging oil spill. The U.S. Coast Guard reported that on Friday, October 30, at approximately 6:50 a.m., heavy bunker fuel was released into the Bay during a fuel transfer operation between an oil tanker, the Dubai Star, and a fuel barge. At this time, it is estimated that 400 to 800 gallons of oil was spilled into the Bay. The cause of the spill is still being investigated.

Upon being notified, The Coast Guard, the Marine Spill Response Corp., and the National Response Corp., deployed booms and skimming vessels to contain and clean up the oil Emergency crews are currently focused on the Alameda shoreline, where rescue workers are trying to save oiled birds and remove balls of sticky tar.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) has several teams working to rescue oiled birds and wildlife. No public or volunteer assistance is needed, and OWCN asks that the public refrain from entering the affected beaches because this activity severely stresses the wildlife. Oiled wildlife should be reported to 877-823-6926.

Beaches along the Alameda County shoreline, from the Bay Bridge to the San Mateo Bridge, are closed in order to help clean-up crews, protect the public and provide peaceful and safe areas for birds to land. Further, fishing and shellfish harvesting are suspended in the same areas.

Save The Bay is working with the appropriate agencies to monitor the situation and will continue to post updates as more information becomes available.

Want to help? Here is what you can do:

--> Make a donation to our BAY EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND. This fund enables us to provide rapid response in a crisis, gather and distribute critical information quickly, educate the local community, and advise key decision makers on actions that require immediate attention.

--> Volunteer to restore wetlands to strengthen the health of the Bay and to provide wildlife with increased habitat for greater survival during such emergencies.

--> Sign up for our Bay Savers Email Action Alert to help us advocate for stronger oil spill legislation and other policies the Bay needs to stay healthy.

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