Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Community-based Restoration gettin' cred with community

By Amy Ricard, Communications and Policy Associate

We think our Community-based Restoration program is pretty awesome, but it's always nice to hear that the community thinks so too. Just in the last week, two separate videos hit the web touting the benefits of teaming up with Save The Bay to restore vital wetland habitat around our great natural treasure.

Last Thursday, a group of students from Fremont's Kennedy High School Green Tech Academy came out with us to plant marsh gumplant into the wetlands surrounding a recently-breached salt pond at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve along the Hayward Shoreline. The group was lucky enough to be joined by a CBS 5 reporter who taped a news segment for that evening's broadcast. Check out the web clip of the segment here.

And on Monday, a video was posted about employees from Pure Digital -- makers of "The Flip" digital camcorder -- and their experience planting native seedlings along the MLK Jr. shoreline in Oakland. Check it out.

Participating in Save The Bay's Community-based Restoration programs gives your employee, community or student group the opportunity to restore and explore the Bay. Over 100 businesses and community groups participate in our restoration projects each year and we are currently looking for more groups to schedule private weekday programs, which provide fun and engaging ways to bring your team together.

Interested in scheduling a program for your group? Contact Natalie LaVan, Restoration Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, at or (510) 452.9261 x109. To learn more about our private programs, visit


Jules said...

Hi Amie,

thanks for the post just want to correct something

My site ( is an independent Flip camera fan blog, so I am not from pure digital or connected to them. I am a Flip fan and TV Director from London UK.

btw have linked back to your blog

Amy Ricard said...

Thanks Jules. I tried to change the language a bit to reflect your clarification.

Thanks for the original posting!